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Today we're flipping the script and this one is for the gentlemen!

Today we’re flipping the script and this one is for the gentlemen! My Brighton was invited to The Gentry for the Little Prince experience. Saying that Brighton ‘loved’ his time at The Gentry would be an understatement. We’ve been on the search for an affordable and comfortable barber for my boy. Eli, the barber, was like watching an opera! The before and after transformation is out of this world! The Gentry is the only gentlemen’s salon that I’ve seen that takes it to the next level in style, cut, shave, and an overall atmosphere that any gent could appreciate!


Brighton loved his new look. He woke up the day after saying “It was hard sleeping with trying not to mess up my hair!” I love that my little guy feels like a really cool guy. Kevin even is wanting to change salons.

Kevin has been going to the same hairstylist for years. But let’s be honest here…How great can your cut be if your stylist has a glass eye?! Yes, I said ‘glass eye’. smh. Where would he be without me. I’ve been cutting all the boys hair for the last few months. But really…I don’t have time for it. The Gentry is going to be a blessing to our family. Kev can have a beer and B can have a lollipop and walk out fly. #wifegoals


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